Our innovative products are designed to provide solutions within a large range of industrial environments

Plant Maintenance

Today’s manufacturing world heavily relies on preventative maintenance techniques to ensure the smooth running of their factories and manufacturing lines. The move to adopt Industry 4.0 or the smart factory is a growing revolution, enabling sensing technologies to collect data for the manufacturers to allow big data or powerful analytics to be run so actions could be implemented quickly. Sensoteq offer a solution to monitor critical points of machines throughout the factory helping predictive and proactive maintenance techniques.


Mines and quarries are big businesses with huge machinery which are at the crux of their daily output. Downtime is extremely expensive, so machine uptime is of major importance. Adding new technologies to these machines to ensure they run at maximum efficiency is key. Sensoteq offer a solution to monitor in real time vital parameters of the machines to aid in the uptime of the quarry or mine.


As part of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving energy efficiency, there is a drive to make Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) more efficient. Sensoteq offer a solution to monitor key parameters which can help HVAC systems to be more performant reducing overall energy consumption.

Oil & Gas

Due to the recent decrease in Oil Prices, there is an intense pressure to run operations more efficiently at all levels (exploration, Well development and production). Sensoteq offers a solution to monitor critical parameters to help running more efficiently, improving safety and reducing maintenance costs.