Electronic design services.

We offer electronic design services from initial product concept, through development to production in medical, automotive, industrial and consumer. Our skills and vast experience in electronic board design, wireless sensors, microcontroller firmware, cloud connectivity, HMI and robust mechanical design will help you accelerate your design cycle and get your product ready for production. Our dedicated team will ensure a robust design that is fit to comply with regulatory compliance and standards.


Hardware Design

Our in-house electronic engineers have a wealth of experience in analogue, small signal, embedded and digital design. We have vast knowledge in sensor technologies and their front-end interfaces. We are experts in RF and Wireless design for any of your connectivity needs. Taking all these elements of design and realising it in your PCB, from single layer to complex multi-layer designs.


Mechanical Design

We can take your conceptual idea and bring it to life. From quick prototyping to robust high-volume products, our engineers will design the product to suit your application and needs. Our vast experience covers complex injection mould designs for low cost manufacturing parts. No matter where it is in its lifecycle, our team has the experience to achieve your goals.


Design for Manufacture

Prototype to production, we offer comprehensive services for every stage of a customer’s designs for manufacture. From the start of every development project, we engineer our designs for manufacture and assembly, considering materials, processes and design for test as early as possible in the product development lifecycle to ensure the final product is fit for production, which is critical for reducing time to market.


Firmware Development

Our team has experience developing low power solutions for embedded systems on existing hardware or as part of our hardware design services. We can develop directly on the bare metal MCU or through an RTOS depending on the application requirements. We are experts in wireless communication and can design a system capable of communicating in environments where technologies like WiFi and bluetooth would fail.


Cloud Service Development

Our team is capable of developing systems for deployment on AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform or your own local hardware if required. We have experience developing complete cloud solutions, including database engineering, service architecture and the design of a scalable infrastructure.


Front-End Development

We can design and implement UIs for a multitude of applications, communicating with the Cloud or hardware interfaces of your system. Ranging from websites and mobile apps through to desktop applications we will work to understand your users and design a user experience which suits the flow of your product.

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