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"We aim to be world leaders in industrial wireless sensing for condition monitoring, while promoting a highly innovative and boundaryless ethos gathered through 20 years of new product development experience"


Sensoteq Ltd design and manufacture bespoke low power wireless sensors for remote machine health monitoring, providing continuous measurements of critical parameters such as temperature and vibration in a variety of industrial applications where the environment can be extremely harsh and constantly changing. Fully internet connected, our sensors gather data from systems positioned all over the world. Users can then be alerted of faults ahead of time to help with predictive maintenance and reduce downtime.

Sensoteq has developed a unique sensing technology with market leading battery life performance


The system consists of a number of wireless sensors (depending on the application) mounted around a machine, monitoring key parameters such as vibration and temperature, then transmitting the data securely to a cloud via a local gateway. This information displayed on a mobile device via a webpage or an app can then be used to predict maintenance, reduce downtime and help run the machine more efficiently.

Our innovative solutions


Air Conditioning Efficiency System


Plant Maintenance Efficiency System


Waste & Recycling Efficiency System


Screen & Crusher Efficiency System

Our design services

We offer electronic design services from initial product concept, through development to production in medical, automotive, industrial and consumer. Our skills and vast experience in electronic board design, wireless sensors, microcontroller firmware, cloud connectivity, HMI and robust mechanical design will help you accelerate your design cycle and get your product ready for production. Our dedicated team will ensure a robust design that is fit to comply with regulatory compliance and standards.

If you require assistance with a design or need a product developed please contact us.

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Our technology is designed for a variety of industries

Mines and quarries are big businesses with huge machinery at the crux of their daily output. Downtime is extremely expensive, so machine uptime is of major importance. Adding new technologies to these machines to ensure they run at maximum efficiency is key. Sensoteq offer a solution to monitor vital parameters of the machines in real time to increase the uptime of the quarry or mine.

Waste & Recycling

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Waste and recycling plants aim to minimise the consumption of natural resources and reduce the overall pollution caused by the generation of waste. Sensoteq's remote wireless solution can help run these site more efficiently by monitoring different assets across the plant from shredders to air handlers, including all vibrating equipment. Critical parameters are monitored throughout the plant and relayed to a web base interface, helping the end users to avoid critical failures and prevent downtime.

As part of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving energy efficiency, there is a drive to make heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) more efficient. Sensoteq offer a solution to monitor key parameters which can help HVAC systems to be more performant, reducing overall energy consumption.

Plant Maintenance

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Today’s manufacturing world heavily relies on preventative maintenance techniques to ensure the smooth running of their factories and manufacturing lines. The move to adopt Industry 4.0 or the smart factory is a growing revolution, enabling sensing technologies to collect data for the manufacturers to allow big data or powerful analytics to be run so actions could be implemented quickly. Sensoteq offer a solution to monitor critical points of machines throughout the factory, helping predictive and proactive maintenance techniques.

Due to the recent decrease in oil prices, there is an intense pressure to run operations more efficiently at all levels (exploration, well development and production). Sensoteq offers a solution to monitor critical parameters to help running more efficiently, improving safety and reducing maintenance costs.

Our executive team

Idir Boudaoud


Idir has spent most of his 19 years’ career developing new products from concept to high volume product launch. With extensive experience in low power sensors and innovative technologies, his inventions have led to 8 granted patents in wireless sensing technologies.

Directly involved with strategic development of new products at the highest corporate level, he has successfully built and led multidisciplinary design teams. Vast international exposure to support worldwide customer base in the automotive and industrial industry. He holds a 1st class degree in Electronic Engineering and a master in Microelectronics.

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Idir Boudaoud

Alan McCall


Alan is a Chartered Engineer with more than 17 years of experience in advanced product design and development. His experience spans analogue and digital design, wireless technologies, embedded systems, firmware, data analysis, complex algorithms and applied physics.

His expertise is in sensor technologies and low power wireless interface electronics. An innovator at heart, resulting in 8 granted patents in unique sensing applications, within industrial, medical and automotive markets. He has a proven track record of creating products from concept to high volume production, whilst developing an innovative technology roadmap. He holds BEng (Hons) in Electronic Systems from University of Ulster.

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Alan McCall

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